Risking It All

Megan S

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”Why!!? Why my son?”She wept. Was it worth it? One text was worth a whole life. The events leading up to this calamity began with Josh, a 17-year-old boy getting ready for his friend’s birthday party. It was the day of his best friend, Logan’s birthday. He hopped in the shower, brushed his teeth, ate his breakfast and proceeded to head out. ”Omg, how could I forget to buy him a present” he said to himself. ”I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to do anything”. Although the party started in less than 30 minutes, Josh couldn’t stand the thought of not bringing anything to his best friends party. He grabbed his keys and quickly drove away trying to find somewhere to get the perfect gift for his best friend in a limited amount of time. He pulled out his phone and began searching ”The perfect gift to get your best fr-”SKRTTT, as he tried to regain the control of the vehicle, he suddenly feels the airbag harshly hit his abdomen, glass shattering everywhere, and everything suddenly becomes indistinct. ”Are you okay, we’ll get you help” was the last thing he heard before completely blacking out. He wakes up in a hospital room with his parents and Logan hurling over him. “My baby is okay, thank the lord” his mom exclaimed. The good news about him being able to leave soon turned into bad news very quickly, The people in the car he collided with were injured very badly, a mother, Josie and her 8-year-old son, Josiah. Drastic measures were taken to help them survive. Josie was on the road back to being in good health, but Josiah was not, he didn’t make it. One simple text was worth a life, Now restating my question, was it worth it? An 8-year-old’s life gone due to the distraction of texting while driving. Instances like these happen very often. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents resulted from texting while driving. There are many solutions to decrease the rates of accidents caused by this. Turning your phone off is one of them. Doing this provides no distractions from your phone. If turning it off is too much for you, you can also put it on silent or out of your reach, If you’re using your phone for directions or navigation, having it mounted is extremely helpful. If it is urgent to send a message or make a call, pull over.