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marlene v

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It’s December and you and your friends decide to go to Big Bear.It’s really cold so you pack all the necessities you’ll need.You take extra blankets,fuzzy socks,beanies and extra sweats.You are all happy for this trip.Everything will go fine on the way to big bear.As you are driving,you see that the road is wet.You immediately remind yourself that you have to drive carefully when the roads are like this. Your friend decides to get the AUX chord so she can put music on.You guys are all singing along to your guys’s favorite song,Suddenly,you see your phone lights up with a notification.You see that your crush has sent you a message on snap chat.Obviously you got happy that your crush had texted you.Who wouldn’t be happy?You grab your phone and you unlock it.Your’e not looking at the road.You think you are driving well.You open up your snap chat and begin to text him.Now let’s pretend you can pause this scene.You see your friends happy and singing.Everyone is living their life and not thinking anything bad to happen.But then there’s you texting WHILE driving.Not a very good idea right?Now lets continue.As your texting,your car is suddenly switching the wrong lane.You don’t feel it.Neither does your friends…You don’t bother looking up.Not once.Your’e smiling half way through your text.Suddenly,that smile goes away in a instant.Everything goes black.You hit a car.Everything comes flying out.Your bags and clothes for your trip.What’s worse is that in the other car,there was a family with their dog coming home from their trip.The hit was so bad,that rarely anyone made it.Even the family dog.And why?Just because you wanted to text your crush back?Just for a simple text,it caused many people’s lives.You didn’t bother looking up from your phone.Your main focus was your crush.You came to this trip to spend it with your friends.Not to text your crush.What will happen now?It’ll be on the news.Your family and friends from school will be heartbroken.The family’s loved ones will be heartbroken.So will the parents of your friends.That text isn’t worth it.Your crush isn’t worth it.This is what can happen if you text and drive.It will cost lives.