He’ll Never be Able to Attend Princeton Now

Emily A

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As Carlos exited his high school, he checked his email one more time to check if that letter had come in yet. He opened his pickup truck and glanced at the now loaded email from Princeton University. Carlos felt a breath hitch in his throat, as this letter accepting or rejecting him would decide where he went to school for the next 4 years. As first he wouldn’t believe what he was reading, but the word “Congratulations” came into focus. He took a few moments to yell and dance around. He jumped in his truck, re-reading the email in front of his eyes. Carlos had worked so hard in school, hoping one day he could get into his dream Ivy league school, and he finally did it. He couldn’t believe he had actually done it. I can’t wait to get home and tell Mom, he thought. He opened up his text-messaging app and sent one to his Mom, reading “Guess who got into Princeton!?” I gotta tell Earl and John, he remembered, thinking of his best friends. And Kelly, thinking of his girlfriend After sending out a message to each of them similar to the one Carlos sent to his Mom, he revved up his truck and began his happy way home. Wow, I still can’t believe it. Carlos began to imagine what life will be like in New Jersey. That’s a long way from Colorado. Soon a ding sounded from his phone. He picked it up after stopping at a red light, smiling at his Mom’s sweet response. YOU!!?? YAY!!! I’ll make a celebratory pizza for dinner 🙂 Carlos grinned, excited for the rare occasion. He loved his Mom’s homemade pizza, but she only made it for special occasions. The light turned green, and Carlos rode down the street as two more dings came from his phone. He glanced at it, one message being from John and the other from Kelly. He snuck his phone back into his lap as he read John’s message. BRO!! THAT’S SICK!! CONGRATSSSSSS!! John sent from his work, no doubt. Carlos sent him back a quick Thx!! Next he read the text from Kelly. I knew you could do it, babe. Congrats! I love you <3 Carlos felt himself blush, and he looked down, spelling out I love you t- CRASH. Then everything went black. “No, my baby…” Carlos’ mother rushed into the hospital, pushing past the people gathered in the waiting room, three of which being Earl, John and Kelly. “What happened?” She turned to the three of them. “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?” She wailed. Kelly, sobbing herself, recalled what the doctors told her. “H-h-he was dri-i-i-ving h-home when…” she struggled to speak. “H-he ran into-o anothe-e-er car on the sid-d-e of the r-road.” She gave a big sniff and wiped her tears, Earl holding her as he stared into the distance. John piped up, tears forming in his eyes but not yet fallen. “They say it was because-” He faltered, then continued, “…because he was texting. Someone saw him before it happened looking down at his phone.” “Oh, no…” His mother cried. “He was texting me!” She practically fell a nearby chair. “Me… too.” John stammered. “ME TOO!!!” Kelly continued to sob. A doctor came out and asked Carlos’ mother if she was so. After confirmation, the doctor shook his head and told her, “He’s gone. I am so sorry for your loss.”