Dristraction By Phone

Katlynn T

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People always hears of someone getting hurt or dying because of someone being on their phones while driving. I’ve seen it happen in my community and it’s been five years and eighteen days since it has happened, but the shock hunts everyone to this day. Back then I was a freshman and the boy I’m talking about was a junior. The day was December 31, 2013 in the small town of Celeste, Texas. We have had ice off and on that month, so we knew it would be bad. The girls’ basketball practice had been going on when we saw the boys coming in upset and wanting to go home. Of course, we stopped practicing for our couch to find out what had happened and that’s when we learned of a friend passing from a car wreck because he was on his phone with his girlfriend and she was at practice with us. She ended up getting the last text he sent out, which made things worse for her. The point I’m trying to make is put your phone up when you’re driving, it doesn’t just affect the family and friends of the person who has been hurt or killed in the wreck, but also the community. We grew closer as a community after the passing of my friend and it still affects everyone who knew him. Texting, playing games, or talking on the phone is very dangerous when the person who is doing it is driving. A good way to stay off your phone is to hide it or put it somewhere where it is out of sight, out of mind so you won’t be willing to get on it. Please follow the warning of being on your phone while driving so you can keep yourself safe and so you don’t end up losing your life.