Imagine This

Brandon B

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Imagine this, You’re driving along the street of your school, A recent licensed driver, driving around, augmenting cool, Your friend pulls up to check out your new ride, “Check these four wheels out, wanna go for a drive?,” But in that split second, the roll down of the window, the conversation with your friend, Causes you to miss the bright red stop sign, causes the life of another to end. Imagine This, Singing to the lyrics of a trending song, Hitting every lyric, singing along, You bob your head, realizing the climax of the song is coming up, When you close your eyes to hit the highest note, The two second high pitched C, caused you to swerve to into the car with a small child of three, Imagine This, In a car with your best friend, arguing about your own relationship, when your phone starts to ring, and you know not to answer, so you ask your friend to pick it up, its from your boyfriend, the dancer, You friend doesn’t know where it is, So you turn your head to grab it for her, When you rear end the back of a car with a slight turn, Imagine this, You’re with your mother, Going on a quick trip to the grocery store in the hard cold weather, You’re mothers tired from the night before, working a long shift, one with hours longer than four, You want to use your phone, to post a picture of you driving your car, but a quick check on your appearance takes you eyes on the street afar, and your mom never wakes up, as you car flips in front of your eyes, In the crash, it’s too late to finally realize. But actually, your second guess to think twice, that maybe your appearance didn’t matter, or your boyfriend could wait for another times answer, and how about your friend on the side near your school, who’s not as important to make you look cool. Lastly the song, that you could’ve sung later, maybe lower the radio, and focus on you, the single car operator. Everything can wait, the calls, the talks, the distractions, nothing matters more than you, the road, and your destination, cause a second, two, or even a minute, could prevent you from any fatal car hit.