Mommy Did It

Audrey B

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Hi, my name is Amy. When I was five, I loved going to the store with mommy. She was so much fun. When we went to the store, we would listen to deafening music and sing as loud as we could. One time, there were bright lights behind us for a long time. I thought it was cool; it was like we were at the live concert. Then I got to see an ambulance. When I was ten, my mom and I were going on a girls night out. We were going to go to the movies! I was so excited to go. When it was finally time to go, I got into the front seat of the car. My mom got in with her makeup bag. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she ran out of time so she would have to do her makeup on the way to the movies. A few times on the way to the theater, my mom had me steer the car so she could do her makeup. It was awesome that I got to drive the car! When I was fifteen, I got to go on my first girls trip with my mom and her friends. It was a long drive, and my mom and her friends decided to meet up at the hotel. The trip was so much fun. My mom and I played two-player games on her phone. Sometimes we would have to stop playing because mom and her friends were texting each other funny jokes. It was the most fun trip ever. When I was twenty, I was going to a party with my friends. I was driving, and we were listening to loud music like we always did. I did not have time to do my makeup before, so I was doing it on the way there. My mom did this all the time so must not be that hard. My boyfriend then texted me. I had lipstick in one hand, phone in the other, and was trying to turn down the music so I could talk text like a good girl. My lipstick slipped out of my hand! This would stain my car! I had to get it. I bent down to grab the lipstick. When I sat back up, there was a bright light, and my friends were screaming. Then everything went dark. I am now twenty-one. I am in a wheelchair and don’t have as many friends as I use to. All the girls in that car are now gone, but me. I thought that I would be okay, mom was always fine, but I was the driver; I was the one not paying attention, I am the one to blame.