Texting While Driving – When Will It Stop?

McKenna J

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What do most people do to get anywhere we need to go in this world? We drive a vehicle. Many people nowadays think that it’s ok to pick up their phone and just look at it or send a quick text while they are driving. However, in the blink of an eye or just one look away you can get into a car crash. Not only could that car crash be fatal to you, but it could be fatal to someone else. There is no way to make sure everybody puts their phones down while driving, but there are certain measures we can take to help prevent it. Most states have a ban on handheld phone usage while driving, but not all states. Iphones have a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature that when activated and connected to bluetooth will silence calls and text notifications. However, if the driver is driving an older model car that does not have bluetooth this feature it would be useless. Also, some of the tickets for using your phone while driving are as low as twenty dollars for a first offense. We can help prevent texting and driving by first banning it everywhere for everyone. Next, we can change the price of the ticket to where they have to pay one hundred dollars for a first offense and they would get their licence suspended for a period of time. We, as a society, must work together to teach one another about what could happen while texting and driving. We need to come together and teach our young children that it is not an acceptable behavior. But adults also need to heed the warning. We say it is not okay for young people to text and drive but all too often the parent is just as guilty of texting while driving as well. Young people learn from their elders. If our elders show the younger generation checking your phone while driving is not important then perhaps the younger generation wouldn’t be so quick to want to look at the phone while driving as well. No text is worth losing a life. All it takes is one person to take a stand and say “I don’t text and drive” and I’m proud to be that person. I hope other people will follow suit.