Smelling the Flowers

Olivia B

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Smelling fresh flowers. Feeling the sun hit your skin on the first warm day of the year. Driving with the windows down on a cool summer night. Laughing, singing, and dancing with your best friends. Your first kiss. Your last day of high school. None of these amazing experiences could occur if you’re dead because you were texting and driving. Or even worse, imagine taking these experiences away from someone else because you killed them due to texting and driving. All of these moments are so unique, and so important. However, they’re gone. Poof. Just like that. No more young, wild, and free moments with your high school friends. No more “happy birthdays.” No more hugs from your dad, shopping with your mom, or baking cookies with your sister. Imagine a world like that. An empty, dark abyss of sadness. Never-ending guilt, and shame from the family of the innocent person whose life you’ve taken. Simply put: if you thought about the overall quality of life and genuinely put it into perspective before you decide to text and drive, you wouldn’t text and drive. Everyone says, “it’s not that deep, I’m good at it!” or “I’m still paying attention to the road.” But the people who say this don’t realize that it only takes one second. One letter being typed. One Snapchat being sent. That’s all it takes for a lifetime of experiences to be taken away. So, please, to anyone reading this. I will not warn you of the dangers of texting and driving, because I’m sure you already know them. But I will ask you to reread this paragraph and tell me that none of these experiences listed above mean anything to you. I ask you to recall your high school graduation, or your senior prom. Reflect on the days as a kid going to the pool and feeling ethereal while swimming underwater. None of this means anything to you? You’re lying. At least one of these beautiful moments has happened in the course of your life, and it’s meant something to you. It’s moments like these that would make someone think twice about texting and driving. Because life is incredibly beautiful. Live it, don’t text it.