Your phone is not going to tell you to buckle up

Samantha K

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Just another ordinary night. With just 5 hours of sleep due to my excessive homework and compelling need to watch TV and relax. It’s Monday so I have to go to school and I have to leave by 7. So, I brush my teeth, get dressed in my fabulous new outfit and eat breakfast. Now that I’ve made it through my routine I get in my car, blast my music, turn on the ignition, and begin to drive. As I begin to drive on this chilly, sleepy and quiet morning I feel this sharp stabbing, almost like someone’s poking me. So, I go to look at the passenger seat and I scream in surprise to see a girl in a grey weird looking dress. Where did she come from? She doesn’t look familiar. “Wait a minute are those apps on your dress….are you my phone?” I didn’t know if it was the lack of sleep I got, but I was in awe to see a girl in my passenger seat. “Oh yes, I am! Imagine that, weird how life happens right.” She said with a giggle. My phone was weird and let me say, talkative girl. “So have you seen the recent post from Alex it is totally adorbs!” “Ummm, no.” I say trying not to fall asleep and to remember what street to take to school. “Omg, you forgot to text your friends.” “Oh yeah give me my phone…?” “Okie, here’s your phone.” My phone said oddly with a wink and a very peppy voice for 7 in the morning. “Ok let’s just write good morning and sen… Wait I don’t have my seatbelt on! Phone why didn’t you tell me! You let me leave my house without my seatbelt on, but you remind me to do my streaks and about people’s lives with all your poking or shall I say reminding. I should have put you on silent before I left instead of turning up my music .” Bump. “What was that! Phone what was that. (I look over to the passenger seat and begin to realize she isn’t there anymore) ok so now you decide not to be real.” Now my heart is beating a hundred times a minute and all I hear is thump thump, thump thump. I run out of the car and look around and begin to hope that I didn’t kill anyone. “Oh please say I didn’t kill anyone!” As I begin to look around the car I see something long and bumpy. Before I grab the object I just think how distracted I was by my phone and music. I mean all this could have been prevented if I turned down my music and silenced my phone. No wonder at least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involves phone use. Then, as I began to grab the mysterious object I realize it was just a silly-old, heart-attack making stick. Although it was only a stick it really made me think how lucky I was for it to only be a stick. I mean it could’ve been an animal, another human being or I could’ve gotten hurt due to me not putting on my seatbelt, and paying attention to my phone. So, as I got back in the car and my heart resumed to a normal beat. I paused and really reflected before I started the car again. Then, I was ready to go. I put my seatbelt on, made sure my phone was silenced, put my radio on a low volume, turned on the ignition and began to drive.