It Is Not Worth It

Treshaun R

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Was the speeding ticket worth the ego boost? Was the fine worth running a red light? Was severely injuring someone worth the “saving time” while under the influence? Was severely injuring yourself worth driving on impulse? Was rear-ending someone’s car worth the last message? Is it worth someone’s property or life; is it worth yours? Speeding down the road in an attempt to appeal to our egos is not worth it—we have other things to be proud of. Rushing to work because we are running late is not worth it—a damaged body or mind cannot work. Driving under the influence is not worth it—you are only risking our time on earth. Driving while intensely emotional is not worth it—we will endanger others in the process. Checking the last message is not worth it—it can wait. Driving recklessly is not worth it.