Thw Split moment


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*CAR CRASH* Ambulance sirens, Police cars serving the curve. Men in blue taping up the scene reading “Police line do not cross”. Emergency crew over your body. Emergency crew over another family body, And both are unconscious And both are rushed to the hospital. Waiting room filled with worried family members. Two different families praying for God to save their loved ones. One died One lived The one who lived caused the accident The one who died was a innocent victim. One family planning for a court date, and one family planning a funeral. *Rewind* Phones rings, and you look. You glance back at the road, and its rings again. What do you do next? Pick up the phone, and send the text or 2. ignore it till you come to an complete stop at a light, then send the text and then continue to drive. Well, the first option caused a lot of unnecessary deadly problems. It only take a second to crash, so every second should be used on the road. You and other drivers will make it to their destination if, and only if the second option is not chosen, but it happens all the time. about 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year Texting and driving is an distraction, and I promise you Not waiting IS NOT worth your life. Your phone can wait, but you life can not. The key to decreasing the number of teens death is Self Control Control your fixed reaction that every text in important.