Its Not Safe To Text And Drive

Christine M

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It isn’t a lie when you say that texting and driving is not safe. Many lives have been taken due to terrible drivers, who text while they are drive. About 9 people every day in the United States die from a fatal car crash. Although there are ways to save lives, we can’t full on stop car crashes. Too many of them are happening each day and it’s almost impossible to end texting and driving. We can’t individually program someone to stop texting. But we could fix this problem. I think we could fix this problem by phone companies, such as Apple, installing a feature on their phones where the phone uses location to find how fast you’re going and if it detects if you are going as fast as a car then it will turn itself off and wont turn on until it detects that you aren’t going fast anymore. Some people pick up their phone because they are informing their families on their current status on if they are almost home. If you even look down for a moment it could be your last second of your life. It’s no lie that texting and driving is not safe. Many lives have been taken due to drivers not paying attention while they are driving. I really think this should be implemented by companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and other phone companies. This could possibly lower the rate down of fatal car crashes and save lives. Driving and texting is very dangerous.