Til It Happens To You

Monique G

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I used to love going on long drives at night. Anytime anyone needed to run a quick errand or pick up one of my sibling from work, I would always tag along. With music blasting and the windows down, it felt like I was in my own world. It all changed when my sister and I got into a collision. We were at a red stop light singing our hearts out while performing ridiculous dance moves to make each other laugh. She paused to admonished me for not having clipped in my seatbelt. I did as she told me, but only after rolling my eyes at her. Car crashes had a sort of novelty to them. They were something that only happened in movies and I told her so. Seconds after I clipped the seat belt, I was thrown forward. I guess the universe really does listen to you sometimes. I do not remember much other than not being able to breathe. My sister called my name over and over again, telling me to take deep breaths and asking if I was alright. I couldn’t answer her as my body stayed in shock. It’s safe to say that I do not enjoy long night drives as I once did. Looking back, it scares me to know that most people think like I did before the crash. Car collision on the freeway are seen as a time inconvenience, not cautionary warnings on what could be your reality if you choose not to be safe. People choose to be reckless on the road. Distracted driving is never an accident. Many will never realize the jeopardy until they put themselves in until they experience what I did. The danger of what they are jeopardizing has to be shoved in their faces. People need to start having serious discussions about driving safety. It falls upon parents, teachers, and friends to spread the dangers of unsafe driving. A few seconds make all the difference on how your life turns out.