Can You?

Mandisa G

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Can you stand in front of this mother whose only child you have just killed? Look into her eyes and watch as a never-ending waterfall of tears run down her face, each tear reflecting memories you have just ripped away from her. Could you find the right words if there are any to explain to why? Why this woman suddenly has an empty chair at her dining room table. Why there is now an empty pink bedroom full of books that will never be read, sheets that will never be slept in, and a closet full of clothes that will never be worn again. Why no laughter or melodious giggles will echo through her house. Why she will never have the joy of grandchildren. Why she will never caress her daughter’s rosy chubby cheeks one more. Why she will never smell her sweet perfume when they embrace. Can you tell her how? How the sound of a notification on your phone is the reason she can’t hear her daughter’s innocent voice. How that text was so important that you had to take your eyes off the road just for a second. How you had been already speeding well past the speed limit. How your simple mistake didn’t just take her daughter’s life but ripped a hole in everyone’s life whom she touched. Can you stand in the devastated gaze of the father who has lost his little princess forever? Can you look into his eyes full of anguish and tumultuous grief as tears pool in his eyes? Can you watch as he drops down to his feet cursing the skies above for taking away his most precious gift? Can you find the right words to tell him why? Why he longer have tickle fights with his only child. Why he will no longer drive her to soccer practice. Why he will no longer cheer to his heart’s content when she scores a goal. Why he won’t get to shed tears as he leaves her at college. Why he will never get to meet the man she would have deemed worthy of heart and give him his blessing to marry her. Can you tell him how? How he will not get to walk through an immaculately decorated church with red roses adorned all around as he escorts his daughter down the aisle. How, because of impatience you ran a red light while on your phone and killed his baby girl instantly. How, because you chose to take your eyes off the road you created an terrible riff between he and his wife. How you brought destruction into their loving and innocent world because you got distracted. Can you face me? Can you look at my lifeless body that you mangled into different geometric shapes at the side of the road? Can you watch as in a matter of seconds you took away the light from beautiful brown eyes? Can you hear the crunch of my bones as you look up just in time to watch was my body flattened by your car? Can you tell me how my life became less important than then the words of your text? Can you tell me how sorry you are as you hover over my cold body? Can you tell me how badly you wish you could take it back? Can you tell all three of us it was worth it?