Reckless Nightmare

Vanessa J

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A life lost, A head tossed, Ejected from a vehicle , At what cost? Texting and driving? Or driving and Skyping ? The bottom line is that both result in dying. What can we do about it? How we do we spark and cause this change? How do we save the lives of our children? Fluctuating statistics like a stock exchange, When we see a problem, we like to solve it, But this lethal disease, we need to dissolve it, It’s flesh eating, when do we end it? When we lose our future, whilst in the present? The future of our country, The future of our nation, Lost because of recklessness, And we’re indirectly the causation. Although, I have pondered it and therefore propose a solution, But it will not work unless we come to this conclusion, We have developed this illusion , That we need technology within arms reach, Or we’ll feel a sense of exclusion , But this delusion , Is the cover up of excuses, That we can’t take responsibility for our usage, Of items that are essentially otherwise useless . Iphone, I-Pad, I this ,I that, We care more about the tangible than the intangible and that’s a fact, By picking up a call on the road, We break laws that are supposed to hold, Great value, and we’re foretold, Keep your eyes on the road, Or you risk the chance of carrying the load, Of a life lost, a car towed, The life of someone narrowed. Let the phone go, Or risk the occurrence of something woe , Illuminate the ideology, and just stop the flow, Technology takes over our lives, a fact we prefer not to know, Stop being in denial, Start being woke, We’re reckless, but we always wreck more, When will we stop, when we hear the knock at our door? Is this the house of such and such, The one that you adore, What is it now? Do you suddenly care more? Begin to wreck less, stop wrecking more.