Texting and Driving

Dominique S

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Texting and driving has been a problem for years. In the US half a million people are killed or injured from texting and driving every year. Will we ever find a solution to reckless driving? There are many strategies and solutions to help prevent texting and driving. It doesn’t always work though. We can come up with many solutions and strategies that will help slow down the rate of accidents but nothing is guaranteed. Anywho, here are a few solutions that can help prevent this from happening, if you can connect your phone to your car through Bluetooth than do it so when someone calls you don’t have to look down looking away from the road trying to find your phone. Every second that your eyes are off the road even if it’s only one second you are putting yourself and others in danger. However, if you always get calls and text messages while you’re driving put your phone on silent or shut it off it can wait it’s not worth taking yours or someone else’s life. If you don’t ride alone have the person riding with you answer the phone and put it on speaker or to read the message out loud to you. If it might be an emergency or you just can’t wait till you get home pull off to the side of the road or into a parking lot. Texting and driving, is a serious problem and not many of us realize that until it’s to late. So the next time you get in the car remember anything can happen. Just because it never happened to you doesn’t mean it won’t happen the next time you pick up the phone. Even when you get in the car with someone and you see them on their phone while driving take it from them or ask them politely to put it away.