One Device, One Result

Tatyana L

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Hey Allie, it’s me, your mom. I miss you. I miss seeing your face in the morning, and bringing you snacks after school. I miss your sweet laugh. I miss those big family hugs we used to have with dad and your sister. Do you remember that? Do you remember your favorite dish that I used to cook for you? Do you remember when I would tickle you at night so you could laugh yourself to sleep? Do you remember life before it got flipped upside down? Before we heard a “DING!” Before I became selfish for a split second and checked that text? Before the bumper of the big red truck met mine? Before that flash of light closer than the windshield that shattered in our laps blurred our vision? Before the screeching of the brakes pierced your ears and mine? Before that split second that, “BOOM!” Do you remember THAT? I hope you don’t. Well, I hope you won’t. Actually, I wish you did, because then you’d be with me today. You’d be here to hold, to kiss, to love. You wouldn’t have been apart my biggest regret. Day and night, I ask, “Why couldn’t it be me?” The only reply I’ve gotten is “you had to see what your selfishness could cause.” What seemed to be a dream, kept you from living yours. My worst nightmare became my reality. Texting and driving. A simple thought. A simple temptation. A simple mistake. A mistake that will last a life time. Or take a life. A decision to take that six year old kid from experiencing his first family road trip. A decision that takes that dad away from surprising his family after two weeks. A decision that takes that girl from making it to their boyfriends surprise party. A decision that takes the life of that person you killed with technology or your own. A decision that harms without weapon.