Don’t be a statistic! Be Smart!

Aaliyah J



This art piece is done in a reflection. To our everyday surprisingly, Jobs, School and millions of other things that cross our mind on the daily basis. Also, how we let those distractions affect our behavior, common sense, our judgement of things and out driving. Over nine people die a day due to distracted driving. A total of 4,054 teens between the ages of 13-19 died in car accidents. Which is a very sad case. People are losing their sons, daughters loved ones to things that could’ve been avoided. Everyday these victims leave behind their memories, their hopes, dreams friends and family. The numbers are surprisingly high and raises plenty of eyebrows and through this art piece the consumer gets to think about the importance of driving safely and how you can change and scar another persons life and question; How can I impact others and make a difference? How do I not become a Statistic?