Driving Distracted? Just Don’t Do It!

Josephine G

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There is an epidemic sweeping through the United States and its name is distracted driving. Distracted driving ranges from changing the station on the radio, to putting on makeup. Statistics state that the likelihood to be in a crash doubles when a passenger under the age of twenty-one is in the car. If you are in the car with your friend, you are not focusing completely on the road but instead on talking to a friend. I opened my email to check if there were any updates and the first thing I saw was that two college students had been killed in a one car wreck. Two years ago my school mourned for one of their juniors. She had wrecked off of a bridge on her way to school. It is unknown if they were distracted while they were driving but it has taken too many lives already. When you pass your driver’s test and gain your license, you are saying that you will follow the rules of the road and be cautious while driving. You can stay alive for another day and keep other people, whether in your vehicle or another, alive by simply choosing not to reply to a text or wait to get to your destination before doing makeup.