Phone Lock

Alan B

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In today’s world, everything revolves around technology; as good as it is having all your messages sent and received at an instant or finding out about the breaking news in a small town in Ohio in a matter of seconds, technology has become an hectic problem. The addiction to technology at this point is unbelievable. This is just one of the many ways people chose to recklessly drive in today’s world. I believe that this problem is the most easily avoidable one. One solution to this problem that I have researched is the installation of a device on cars that completely stop your phone from working temporary unless it is being used to call an emergency phone number. I believe that this is the best and safest way that we can teach our future generations to be safe while driving. If this new device is enforced as a law instead of a recommendation, we are bound to see results and a decrease of fatalities due to driving while on phones. Fighting technology with technology is the answer. Not only can these moderators be used to stop people from using cellphones, but they are also useful is making sure no drugs or alcohol has been used before driving.