Ending Distracted Driving

Maresha J

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Distracted driving has become a real epidemic across the United States. When operating a vehicle you have to pay attention for yourself as well as the other drivers on the road. If we all take the privilege of driving seriously it would eliminate the high number of crashes caused by lack of total attention. I have given this some serious thought because it applies to me as well as everyone else on the road. We have come a long way with technological advances but I know we can reach higher heights. Embedded in the steering wheel should be a sensor that recognizes when you are becoming fatigued or sleepy. When the car perceives that you are not fully comprehensive it will give you a warning to pull over to take a nap, get out and stretch your legs, or get a cup of coffee or mountain dew. If you continue to drive the car will go into autopilot and pull you over to the safest and closest destination off of the road. When driving with the music too loud the car will automatically adjust the volume to a reasonable quantity to ensure you can hear the other cars and emergency vehicles. Being aware of your surroundings is a must always. The car play element in the cars will be enhanced to disable all text message features on the cell phone while the car is in motion. You will only be able to converse on the phone via the Bluetooth component to assure that both hands are available for driving and your eyes are on the road ahead. Sensors will be placed in the rearview mirror to adjust and flash a message stating “all eyes on the road” when applying makeup or combing hair. This is to confirm that your full attention is on the task at hand. The car will not start unless the seatbelt is engaged. It will know if you just click the seatbelt behind you instead of across your body. The seatbelt strap will be monitored by your heartbeat as it rests across your chest. There will be a camera in the dashboard next to the speedometer will detect if you are looking down, behind you, or to the side. A lot of people like to eat on the go because of convenience and time constraints. This is a serious distraction that pulls your attention away from where it needs to be. The camera will ding when you are not looking forward after three seconds to bring your concentration back to the front of the car. This automobile will help drivers be accountable while operating a motor vehicle. It is sad that we have ignite these extreme levels, but it is better to be cautious and prepared for reckless drivers that sit behind the wheel.