Tristan A



–INTRODUCTION– For most drivers, driving recklessly is a choice. It is a known fact that texting and driving is bad, yet for some reason, humans still choose to risk other peoples lives with poor decisions. Perhaps the solution to this dilemma does not lie within informing the general people about HOW to be safe, but rather implementing a very real, serious wake up call. I believe that if people FULLY understood the pure gruesome, devastating damage that they can inflict on to one another, there will be a striving desire from the community the keep the streets safe. –SONG BACKGROUND– An eleven year old kid was running out his driveway to catch a ball, when a car speeding through the streets fatally strikes him. The kid is dead now, and he can’t believe what has just happened. He’s dead, and he had so much to look for in life. “No more candy, no more family, no more friends.” The lyrics emphasise that once an accident happens, it sets a permanent and tragic consequence. In summary, the song attempts to invoke feelings of disgust to the audience in effort to steer them away from making a regrettable choice. –LYRICS– Verse: Wow, is this how I end One second I’m playin and now I’m on the ground dead Feel like I just got here, only been 11 years And now you turned the lights off, darkness is still my biggest fear Shoot, to think that you had the power to take this from me, I’ve only lived here long enough to understand that texting and driving is bad, but for some Reason you saw safety a fad Look what you did you to me, I looked forward to so much in life, and cuz of you there’ll be No more candy no more family, no more hanging with my friends and giggling, makin times we Envy closely No more school, no more hugs with my momma, waking up in the morning, smelling her bangin Waffles, no more bikes, no more kites, no more high fives, all cuz you thought it’s fine to text And drive Chorus: Shattered, windows broken You can not can not take back time Drift away, drift away, drift away, ya ya Were stuck in, this moment You can not take not take back time Drift away, drift away, drift away, ya ya –YOUTUBE VIDEO CONCERN– It was my original intention to make a music video, as I felt the imagery would play a very important role for the message. However, because the music submission requires only an audio format, I am aware that the video portion of my work can not be graded. If on any chance you would like to view my project in it’s full context, I would love for you to watch the video at the following link! (Again, I am aware this strays away from the evaluation, but my honest goal was to make a meaningful message in hopes that it will make a difference to the world!):