Would Anything Change?

Esther G

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We are constantly reminded: “stay focused on the road”, “don’t drive distracted”, “save a life; don’t text and drive”. For many of us, it is almost second nature to do so; but surely, it would never happen to us…right? BOOM! In a single moment, a life is inadvertently taken…and it could all have been avoided. For a moment, let us think beyond what we already know. For example, let’s say God pulled you aside and said, “you are going to die tomorrow”, but said nothing else. In a perplexed state of mind, you are probably going to try to avoid every possible danger to your life – the only issue is that God didn’t tell you how you were going to die. You would play things safe; taking risks would not be an option at this point. But why would it take God directly telling you “you are going to die tomorrow” for you to be safe, to drive safely? You see, this is a risk that we take every day when make the careless decision of texting and driving. In America today, a countless number of lives are taken every single day due to texting and driving. The amount of guilt and I’m sorry’s could never cover someone’s life or your own. This issue can never be stressed enough; texting and driving is an evil that should not be kept alive anymore. It should be completely done away with. Don’t give in to the mere satisfaction of a text you’ve been waiting for or a picture that you thought was more important than life itself. Please do not let texting and driving take another life. There isn’t just one solution, but many to this problem. Putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode, safe driving applications, hands free phone accessories, pledge cards, texting thumb bands, etc. Nowadays, there is no excuse or reason to be carelessly using your phone while on the road. In your hands lies the power to keep people safe. You can avoid tears shed from a mother who lost their child, emergency trips to the hospital as a life hangs on the edge, car wrecks that injure innocent bystanders, and funerals filled with remorse and sadness. Being selfless while driving is not just caring about yourself, but also caring for the safety of others. So I ask, if God pulled you aside and told you about the consequences your texting and driving would bring, would anything change?