Death To Driving Distracted

Lucy F

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Death to Driving Distracted by Lucy Fields Mascara swipes while turning into an intersection Burger bites while rolling through the stop sign Snapchatting that cute guy from third period while speeding on the freeway Is it not funny that these familiar habits, Become gruesome and abhorable once dramatized and typed in print? Why is this your wakeup call, This simple grouping of words that speak the truth? Does my questioning create an abyss of questioning yourself? When in reality, it should not be that way It should be your high school graduation, That child’s 6th birthday, that father’s homecoming, The extra credit that teacher is about to assign to his classes, the exciting story that pedestrian cannot wait to share when they get home, that new book that girl just bought at the bookstore that glistens to be devoured… These may not be of knowledge to you as you Take a “quick” glance onto Twitter behind the wheel, Your “glance” is distraction, Your “glance” is the chance of death It is the robber of dreams, happiness, and futures Kill those habits, kill distraction Put your phone in your bag and drive in an orderly fashion Be mindful of your life, and the ones around you, The price that you’ll pay is one that you can never undo