One Second

Isabella A

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The cost of one second looking away from the road is unimaginable. You take your eyes off the road to change the song, talk to the person next to you, see what fell, or worse of all look at your phone. We’ve all done at least one of these things without thinking about the aftermath. One in four car crashes are caused by people being distracted by their phone, they see their phone light up and develop a strong desire to see what is it. Drivers know that they are not supposed to be on their phones, parents have the greatest influence on their kids and tell them it’s not okay to be on their phones when driving yet they contradict this by being on their phones. I challenge all drivers to set your phone in the glove department or somewhere where you cannot see it, by the right example for next generations that it is not okay to be on your phone. Other common distractions drivers face include passengers, eating, singing. I know I am guilty of putting on a full concert of me singing with my friends, when driving. At the time I did not think that this could have any negative effect, but after researching about distracted driving, I’ve learned that anything that has caused you to look away from the road even for a second it dangerous. Another distractions is passengers, they could be friends talking to you or them showing you something or you parents telling you how to drive. These are distractions that take your mind and eyes off of the road. A common distraction is trying to eat when driving which is extremely hard, especially since you only have one hand on the wheel while trying to make sure you drop no food. Eating is very important, but there is a right time and place to do it, and when driving it not it. To prevent these distractions from occurring make sure whoever is in the car with you understands that your priority is getting you to your destination safely and for this to happen you can’t afford any distractions. You can still sing to music, but you don’t need to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel to perform the whole dance number. You and your friends can still converse but don’t look when they are trying to show you something. Under no circumstance should you do anything that makes you take your hands off the wheel, including eating. No text, chat, like or call is worth risking yours or someone else’s future.