I’m Worth It

Victoria V

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I scream to let her know I am here, that she needs to answer me. She looks over for a second and turns away. I scream again. The cycle repeats until she finally sighs and gives in. She picks up her phone. I hear her gasp as she says something about running a red light, but a ticket means nothing compared to the important news from the dentist I bring to her. I chirp up again after dinner, God she has not even looked at me since before she sat down. I think the thought crosses her mind as well, because as she backs out of the parking spot she carefully picks me up, trying to seem aware. I hear her yell, “CRAP,” as she hits her gas instead of her brakes: at least she knows Noah liked her picture twenty minutes ago. I begin to ding at least twenty times in a row. The group chat is hopping right now she can’t miss the chance, everyone has been quiet lately. She reaches over, I don’t think she remembers putting me so far away, she finally grasps me in the floor of the passenger seat. Just as she looks back up…I wish she would pick me up to tell her friends what has happened to her, but how could she? Well, looking at me was worth the crash, all her friends were telling her how much they love her, or more accurately, how much they loved her…