Change the way we drive

Jasmine R

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Reckless driving is such a huge problem around the world. Fenstersheib law group says that “Reckless driving causes 33% of all deaths involving major car accidents, which are more than 13,000 each year.” This is a major problem that is happening today. 31% of reckless driving is caused by speeding and 16% is caused by distractions like phones, passengers etc… We have manny laws that helps us avoid being in accidents but there can be more done. We are not allowed to have certain items in our vehicle that might cause us to be involved in an accident. I think that we should have our cell phones put away in our glove compartment. The only reason you may need to use your phone is if you are using the GPS application. There are some phones with a application that doesn’t let notifications go through your phone while you are driving. This will cause less distractions and less accidents. You are influenced by the people you surround yourself with. 78% of teen drivers say that they are less likely to text and drive if their friends say it is wrong or stupid. I think of driving this way: If you car about the people in the vehicle (including yourself) then one notification is not worth losing them. 82% of drivers who have stopped texting and driving has felt better about themselves. We already have laws that force us to go a certain speed, but not everyone enforces the law. Like I said before, 31% of reckless driving is caused by speeding. I think the only way to stop speeding is to not make it possible to go so fast. They average speed available in a car is 110 mph. In the states the fastest you can go is 85 mph. So there is no need to make cars go as fast as they can. In conclusion, I think we need stricter laws that protects us from hurting one another.