It’s Not Worth It

Harshita P



Lyrics: I know it seems important like your life may depend on it One text, one post, one Snapchat, but don’t– It’s not worth it Just put the phone away And roll your windows down, look up and around Hold on a second, let’s talk about reckless driving Goin’ fast, you’ll crash, someone’s bound to die It’s not worth it Slow down, obey the rules Pay attention, it’s simple crash prevention Just hear me out, there’s much to do when you’re alive Don’t crash, it’s bad, it’ll definitely wreck your life It’s not worth it Both hands on the steering wheel Put the coffee down, turn the volume low Before you pick up the phone, just think about your choice Not once, not twice, but a couple dozen times Is it worth it? Credits: Music made using Audacity and GarageBand