Crash Course

Sarah F



Distracted driving is one of society’s most pressing issues. It has become more of an issue recently with the prevalence of phones and other technologies that are readily available to us. Moreover, the pressures that our culture has placed on us to stay constantly occupied, busy, and plugged in can make it difficult to take any time away from these technologies. While I do believe that advancing technologies can be beneficial to our society, in many ways they have also turned our culture into a distracted one. This distraction can manifest itself in many different ways- one of which is driving. I created “Crash Course” to showcase how distracted driving, especially in regards to cellphone use, can be detrimental. I also offered a strategy to this problem. More specifically, I touched on the idea that we need to “pause” whatever it is we are watching, “put down” our devices, and “pay attention” to the road because cellphones are not worth the “pay” of an accident or a life. The three P’s (pause, put it down, and pay attention) serve as a strategy and reminder to prioritize what is happening on the road over other distractions, such as social media. These vital three steps are easy to remember and they serve as a checklist before someone decides to go on the road. As our society becomes more and more muddied with technology and media, distracted driving becomes more of an issue. Even in my own personal life, I have encountered many distracted drivers who have and continue to endanger themselves and those around them with their decision to drive distracted. I think if everyone could just remember to detach themselves from their devices and remember the three P’s I mentioned in my piece, then solving the issue of distracting driving would start moving in the right direction.