Drivin’ fast?

Jeanette Q



These are the lyrics to my song. Drivin’ fast think it won’t do you bad? Think your slick cause you never got a tick? Get on the street jamming to a funky beat but what about road and all the drivers you can’t avoid? When you’re driving on the street what’s more important to you oh, Answering to that group chat roast or making it home alive back to your folks? A distraction on your phone when you’re caught up on the go may cause a collision taking the lives of you both! What’s the speedometer read? Doing 90 on a 60? There’s a man who did the same now he’s doing 60 to life he was only 16 driving reckless ran a stop sign. He was with his friends thinkin’ he was cool but now he’s in jail and his friends are on tour He receives postcards from them in Madrid and Istanbul and all he can say is, “Man I wish I was there too..”