Driving into the Future

Dream A

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*turns station to v-103 “boo’d up is my songgggggggg, let me turn this up” * turns radio up to 80 While your driving , singing your heart out, opening and closing your eyes. You have already ran 4 stops. *Ding Ding , its your boyfriend. Instead of reading it when you get home, you decide to read it now, He’s breaking up with you though text message. Now your angry and Ciara’s song ‘I bet’ comes on the radio. The volume that was 80 has now increased to 100. But your not singing any love song, your angry and the speed of the car is now increasing to match the volume of your music. Your yelling and wondering how, why and who. Meanwhile your yelling, you have ran a red light and cars are blowing at you but you don’t hear them because your distracted. Your life is now on the line and you have no clue into now. You have decided to text him back and you decide to now drive with your knees, so you can use 2 hands and EYES. Your life has now passed the line. You just woke up and only thing you remember is reading a text massage from your boyfriend. You look around and your in the hospital bed but you also look up and see your hands cuffed to the bed, you look out the door and you see a police officer outside your door. Now your wondering did you do something wrong?. The Answer to your question is, Yes you were totally wrong ! There is a time and place for ever action you decide to take. When you decided to turn up the volume the first time you were wrong because your were distracted but you when you picked up the phone to see what your boyfriend said you decided to put yourself and 2 other kids in danger. You’ve kilt two teenagers and injured yourself because you wanted to text your boyfriend back . Now you have charges and bruises from the car accident. Texting can wait, talking on the phone can wait, your boyfriend can wait, your mom can wait, because your life and the people around you life holds more value than the phone in your hand. Cars in our generation is more dangerous than a gun that you can put on safety, the safety to a car is to put your phone in the backseat with a seat belt.