Teens Are Our Future

Ashley Y

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Teens are distracted while they are driving more than ever before. While they drive, they text. While they drive, they are talking to someone, driving one handed while holding the phone because they are too lazy to connect their phone to their vehicle via Bluetooth and talk while driving. Even talking on the phone when it is connected to the vehicle is distracting, but less dangerous than not being connected. Also, teens eat while they drive, apply makeup while they drive, and much more. Regardless, doing other things while driving is very dangerous and has killed many people. The few strategies that I can think of that will benefit teens and the world is that people gain common knowledge and learn the true outcomes of distracted driving. The laws that are enforced need to be enforced harsher, and more laws should be created to continue preventing it. People can make their own choices, so unfortunately, this problem can not be stopped completely. However, we should at least try to slow it down. If a task that needs to be done is something that can be done at home before going out on a drive, it should be done at the home. They should make enough time for themselves to get everything done in the home so that they do not have to drive while attempting to complete the task. If they do everything in their ability to stay safe, then there should be no problem on their end. There should be more awareness about distracted driving. More ads, more social media posts, and more assemblies about is in school. These assemblies should even be shown in middle school as well so that as the students grow up, they can already know the difference between life and death when driving and prevent it. Whenever teens are driving while being distracted, it is important that policemen are very alert and strict. If distracted driving isn’t seen, it can pose a risk for the driver and others in the operated vehicle. Lives are important. Especially the teens of this world. The teen drivers are people that will impact our future as well as the future of the Earth. Youth have potential to do anything they put their minds to just like anybody, but they have a better ability to accomplish anything. They are at the peak of their lives where they can be very successful, and their life shouldn’t end due to be distracted while driving. Moreover, teens need to be more aware of what they are doing. They need to think before they act. Overall, distracted driving needs to be stopped. Even though it is never possible to fully stop it due to law breakers, things need to be enforced so that less people die in car accidents. When real life situations are shown to others, it will impact them and show them that driving is a serious matter and it is not safe. Teens think that once they get their license that they are a pro, when they are clearly wrong. The environment is always changing. It is changing every second because they are driving forward, moving at a fast pace. Something can happen in a split second when they look down and all of a sudden they are dead because of it. Hopefully distracted driving is minimized. If it is lessened, our future will be full of many people who make many smart and safe decisions.