Bobby’s Crash

Naya G

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Billy and Johnny’s bodies are outside the car. They’ve crashed. The car is a complete mess. It swerved off the road, caught some gravel and sand on the shoulder of the road and then rolled. Billy and Johnny were thrown from the car. Bobby is looking down from above at Billy and Johnny and the car. He’s not in pain but he’s crying. Earlier in the day Billy, Bobby, and Johnny were really excited to go for a drive in Bobby’s new car. They had all met up at Bobby’s house after school. They are High School Seniors. It’s Friday after midterms and they are super excited to be done with their tests. They all raced each other from the front door to Bobby’s new, sleek, shiny car. Bobby was the first in because he had the key. He sat in the drivers seat. Billy and Johnny came through the passenger side almost simultaneously in their excitement.. Johnny is in the back seat. He’s jumping around in the back seat saying something about how springy the back seat is. He’s not buckled in. He reaches forward and grabs Billy by the left shoulder and Bobby by the right shoulder. Billy half jumps into the back seat grabbing Johnny by the arms and play wrestling him back into place. Billy settles himself back in the passenger front seat. Bobby begins to accelerate as they enter a long sweeping curve on the road. Bobby reaches for his phone because he’s thinking some crazy music would be good right now and he also wants to show off his car’s sound system. Bobby finds a good song in his playlist and clicks on it. He feels the front right wheel of the car hit some gravel and sand. He drops his phone reaching for the steering wheel. He slams the breaks but it’s too late. The car has hit the soft shoulder and is too far right and slamming the breaks makes it worse. The car violently swerves then flips. Johnny and Billy are thrown from the car through the open passenger side window as the car flips. Bobby is looking down from above at Billy and Johnny and the car. He’s not in pain but he’s crying. Billy and Johnny aren’t moving and he can see they are severely hurt. Billy’s legs are pinned beneath they mangled car. Bobby hears a muffled noise that sounds like crying and then it gets louder. It gets so loud that it actually rouses him from his sleep. Bobby jumps out of bed from the fright of the nightmare he just had. He takes some time to calm down and realizes that his nightmare was a combination of his apprehension about midterms later today and the sadness over having lost a cousin in a car crash where a driver was distracted by their cell phone. He was glad he had attended his school’s driver rally. He remembered learning that about 4000 teens loose their lives in crashes each year and that approximately 50% of them are killed by another teen driving them. He’s relieved that he only has to take midterms today and that he can exercise good judgment and responsibility in keeping himself and his best friends safe.