The road ahead

Nirel W


Reckless endangerment could’ve been prevented focus on the road ahead so you can get to the road ahead distracted drivers engulfed in everyday distractions creating crashes for a moment consider yourself consider your health and well-being being the person who arrives safely promote safety. Set an example. Pay attention to the warning signs the road signs time for you to be a sign shed light on the circumstances of distracted driving make it known how accident prone distracted drivers are. Think about your heart it beats on cue to make sure you stay alive remember that when you drive remember it can wait before you seal your fate think about your future remember your life plans if we continue to educate before it’s too late we can be the difference. Pass out flyers and air commercials spread the word distracted or reckless driving is not what we should do so let’s move toward bettering our roads so we can live our lives and continue to survive.


This poem is about the reality of distracted driving and the damage that it creates. It is crucial to keep these things in mind before engaging in reckless or distracted driving. If we continue to educate on the dangers of this behavior we can make a difference.