Isn’t it Just Multitasking…?

Kaitlyn R

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Multitasking is the new black because who really has time to focus on one task at a time. When talking about multitasking there are many ways to describe it. Easy tasks such as maybe brushing your teeth while in the shower or to more difficult tasks like writing an essay that is due in thirty minutes while watching television. So, if you can text AND drive at the same time that means you must have a gold medal in the multitasking Olympics because driving is an activity that requires all of the driver’s attention. Driving is not something that you could do with your eyes closed or something that the average four-year-old could do. Every time you get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle you have to not only value your own life but everyone’s around you. Texting and driving at the same time is unbelievably dangerous, especially with population increasing, roads are getting busier and busier. Not many people think about the risks of texting and driving until they experience a scary situation or someone in their life has been affected by distracted driving. With commercials and billboards all around warning us about texting and driving we are slowly becoming more and more aware of the consequences it can have on people. Laws are being more heavily enforced making it illegal to text while driving even for those who think it is okay to send a quick text at a stop light. A very important factor in getting people to stop texting while driving is to educate them. A crucial time to make people aware about the risks of being distracted while driving is while they are still younger than the legal driving age. During driver’s education the students should be learning about the consequences that texting and driving can lead to, in a way it should be the instructor’s job to scare the students to never text and drive. Once people are educated enough and warned about the risks the ball in then in their court. Many people know not to text and drive but still continue to do it because they must think they are better than everyone else for some odd reason. There is no valid reason that should cause someone to think that the way they text and drive is safe because that simply is not true. The only solution to the matter of texting and driving is to just not do it. Distracted driving is the worst driving.