Just Your Luck

Chkylle B

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Two eyes, two hands, one mind. All on the road. Visual. Manual. Cognitive. You wake up, check your phone for 20 minutes: notifications on top of notifications. You can’t miss any moment! You get ready for the day. You take a picture; social media is always asking what you are doing anyway. The group chat is blowing up every minute of the day. Whoa. Your brain starts to think, “What is everybody doing right at this moment and the next moment after that?” You drive to school. The buzzing. The ringing. You can’t help but pick your phone up. You laugh, you type a reply. Gossip, you say? You can’t miss that. Red light. Stop. “Hahaha. That’s so funny.” BEEP. You press on the gas angrily, as you look back at the driver behind you. You say, “People these days just don’t have any patience. The light just turned green.” Well, you’re wrong. The driver behind you did have patience with you, but you were too distracted texting the group chat to notice how almost ten cars had passed you. Your destination isn’t until another 20 minutes and the road there is straightforward. You secretly like the traffic because you have time to get on your phone and see what’s going on. You put on a song, blasting the music and singing your heart out. The next song is annoying to you because it is played out. Once again, you pick your phone up to change the song. You accidentally swerved into the other lane. The car beside you also swerved to avoid hitting you. You look back in embarrassment and shame. “Sorry!” You checked your phone again: there aren’t a lot of notifications anymore, so you put your phone down. Two hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road. You start to wonder what your friends are doing. You think about how your text conversation went with your crush last night and how you can’t wait until he asks you out on a date. Green. You’re still far from the stoplight. Yellow. You’re quite close, but not close enough. Red. You passed the red light and another driver was in the middle of the crossroad. You didn’t even notice. Just your luck, the other driver found enough time to hit their brakes. Maybe next time, you won’t be as lucky. One destination in less than 30 minutes could have caused your life and others. Distracted driving is a serious problem in our society. Do not let your phone control your life on the road. What happens in social media or whatever that text says should not cost anybody their lives. Our cell phones don’t care about us. The highway doesn’t care about us. You are in control, you are responsible, so let your actions prove it. All on the road.