Losing Someone to Learn Something

Olivia O

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No matter if you realize it or not, anytime you sit in the driver seat with your phone in hand, you are risking your own life and could easily put a dent in someone else’s within just a couple seconds. You could change the life of every single person in your life if something were to go wrong in that split second of looking down at that bright, mesmerizing screen you have with you all hours of the day. Lots of people have lost loved ones due to this exact reason and I can say I am one of unfortunate those people. I can speak from experience to say, I think the most effective way to stop distracted and reckless driving, no matter how horrible and gruesome it may sound, is to have someone close to you get in a car crash and lose their life because of it. People always say, “Put your phone down and just don’t look at it,” or “Get a car with bluetooth so your not looking down so much.” Nothing will be more effective than actually losing someone to the cause and having to think about it every time you take a step into the car, or looking next to you while your on the road and fearing for your life because more often then not, you notice when people are paying more attention to their phones then the road, and how they can easily take any one of these innocent peoples lives in a matter of seconds. So yes, I believe you need to lose someone before you fully believe how to fix distracting and reckless driving.