Reckless and Distracted Driving

Juan R



What my project suppose to be on is reckless and distracted driving. What I did on my project is give examples of some of the distraction you could have while you are or get in to a car or any other form of transportation. I gave some examples like food or cosmetics, and phones. It doesn’t always have to be physical stuff it could also be mentally. Some example of that could be the emotions you are feeling, it could also be visual like seeing something that catches your attention. Then I but some examples of vehicles. Like cars, motorcycle, bikes, and other form of transportation. Last I did the effects of being distracted. I put images of cars hitting other cars. I also but cars hitting people. And last of all I put a coffin. The reason I put the coffin is because it could lead to death is it really bad. Also it doesn’t have to be the distracted driver that dies it could be the victim that died instead.