Do you really want to end up like frankenstein from the 1931’s movie?

Alondra H



My project is about the dangers and safety about texting while driving. I did this because i felt that texting while driving is a serious problem around teenagers and people. My entry shows a person begging for their life for help, while also trying to each their phone, the grim reaper is holding. The signs and wording represent dialogue, as in questioning you if you are doing such things. For example, when it states “putting on makeup?”, it is questioning your decisions and also giving you a picture that is crossed out showing what is supposed to be done. It is tragedy, that so many have lost their lives to something so simple that could be prevented. According to Edgar Snyder and Associates, it states that, “ The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.” This means, that because of texting while driving millions of people are dying or injured, I hope to bring awareness with this piece.