Eyes on the road not on your phone

Samantha C



I made this poster because not very many people are paying attention to the risks of distracted driving. No matter how many people hear of the consequences, they don’t listen. There are so many dangers to distracted driving and many people don’t seem to notice. My entry is to create real awareness and to get people listen to the dangers of distracted driving. If you are going to be tempted to use your phone, eat, put on makeup, or even talk, don’t try it. I suggest putting any distracting object safely tucked away in a bag or anywhere else where you won’t be tempted. Texting while driving is not the only problem, it’s being distracted while driving in general. It is very dangerous and despite all the warnings many people still do it. They think they can do something else while driving, but it’s not true.You have to focus on driving and not on any other task.