Solution Texting and Driving

Agustin P

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There are many problems involving recklessness, for example texting and driving is one of these serious issues we must try and fix. A way we can prevent people from being on there phone while driving is to construct a device that will be attached to the car and in order for the car to start the phone must be placed inside the operator. This operator will be able to detect if the phone is inside and this way one will not be able to retrieve the phone until the car has been placed on park position. First we will have to design this operator and test it in a car making sure it will be successful. Once we are able to achieve this device we will have to do procedures in order to pass by the law to make this device mandatory in every car and must be attached to it. It must be attached to the car that way people won’t be able to remove it from the cars. The device will probably be located inside the glove compartment and will be able to read if the phone is inside the compartment if not then the car will not start. In order for people not to place an old phone in the device the device must will be able to detect the phone number and who it belongs to. If the phone does not match to the owner of the car the car will not start this will also prevent cars from being stolen. It will be a complicated process but over time it will succeed and prevent accidents due to texting and driving.