It’s Not Just Your Life.

Christine L



Driving in itself is a risk to not only your life, but someone else’s and that is what I am trying to portray in my artwork. We as humans, most of us children, can be so easily distracted by the technology within our lives. Some people don’t think about the entire picture. They go on day by day recklessly driving. All it takes is one moment for a person to cross into the street and one moment of your attention to be pulled onto your screen for it to end with that child’s or mother or father or anyone’s life taken. A growing child with a family, a home, a pet, teachers that guide them and friends that grow with them. A mother with her children waiting for her at home, maybe it’s her birthday and she’s being distracted early on in the day so when she comes back she’ll be surprised. Or maybe her son got very sick at school and he really needs his mom. We don’t know, no one would know, but you would’ve taken this person’s life away for that reply, for that one extra selfie or maybe you’re just checking it to see the time. These all seem like simple things that normally wouldn’t impact anyone’s life that much at all. That’s the thing though, while you’re driving, they could. It’s not just your life.