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Yadira J

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Reckless and distracted driving are very serious problems that many people have. Reckless driving has cause and still causes many serious accidents around the world, distracted driving also causes and has caused many serious accidents. Some people many think it is no big deal to check a text message while driving but that is in fact a very big deal. Although i do think there can be a solution to using your phone while driving. Most people have their phone right next to them at all times, driving or not, but having your phone next to you while driving is in fact one of the most dangerous ideas. It is a very dangerous idea because anytime your phone makes a sound or vibrates it is an instant reaction to lift your phone and check what the ring was about. When you check the ring you usually open the notification to see what it was about and that does not let you give your full attention to driving and that can cause a very serious (or even minor) accident. So with that being said an easy solution to stop checking your phone and/or texting and driving can be to place your phone in a place you will no longer hear it or see it when it rings such as a purse in the back seat or in the trunk. If you do not have a bag to put it in you can also simply turn your phone off and place it in the center console so you cannot get tempted to turn it back on. There are many ways to prevent distracted driving as well as reckless driving but it is really up to you to make the choice on placing your phone somewhere you can no longer see it or powering it off. Distracted driving and reckless driving are serious and should always be taken serious..