Solutions to fix distracted driving

Kayleen L

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A great solution to fix the reckless and distracted driving would be to make everyone more aware of the costs. Everyone in the world drive reckless and are driving distracted. Now in days everyone are always on their phone. A way to make people more aware is to have an application that will tell you how you are driving. The application will have an on and off button that will be turned on when you turn on the car and the user will put there phone in a glove department. After you turn off the car the application will give you a certain amount of points that can give a person a chance to win a prize. Each time a person drives good it will give the person points which can be collected to get a prize. The person has to have a specific amount of points to get a certain prize. Some prizes that they can get might be money or some type of object that may be useful to the person getting it. This application can help many drivers to want to drive safely. This application may help reduce the number of deaths and injuries. It may also reduce the number of reckless and distracted drivers.