A Look Into this New Generation of Drivers

Raymond B

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As a relatively new driver in this new world of distracting technology, I have to take precautions to prevent the temptation of using my phone when I’m driving. The first thing I do when I start my car is connect my phone to Bluetooth so I can be reached without touching my phone. Then I put my phone in my glove box. For me, this is usual. However, I am not like most kids my age. Because of the world we live in, we have became attached, addicted if you will, to the new technology that is around us, like phones, tablets, apple watches, etc. These types of items were a luxury no less than twenty years ago, but now, everyone has them. People don’t leave home without them. It’s a digital world now, in some ways good and some ways bad. One of the biggest and worst problems with new technology is people who drive while on their phones, especially teenagers. What drivers nowadays forget is that the main purpose of driving is to get both yourself and your passengers to your desired destination safely. Driving for fun is a good time, but you need to be smart about it. Texting and driving is not okay, period. It puts not only you and your passengers at risk, but it also puts other drivers on the road with you at danger. Whatever the message or whatever says on your phone. It can definitely wait. It’s insane to put yourself and others at risk to look at your phone. I wish that police would crack down on drivers who text more and I also wish that instructors at driving schools talk more at length about the dangers of texting and driving. So, as a new driver in this new generation of drivers and technology, I just want to say that I am genuinely scared for the future of driving safety, but I am optimistic about people like your organization who are taking big steps in improving driving safety.