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There are solutions to the problem there are ways to send a text message with grabbing or looking away from the foad. Now technology has made it possible were you can simply speak words you want to send and the device will automatically type automatically the app is called onstar every smartphone can download this app for free with that current app you can simply purchase a phone holder attache this ner adn are surrounding the driver but not distracting the driver and speak allowing the words to be translated to the phone but there is disadvantage after speaking you must physically touch the button send statistics show that the average time a crash occurs five seconds or less of looking away from the road. By originating a brand new way to communicate I have come up with a possible solution using support from existing apps and other concepts iIhave ideally invented an app that is based on vice eginition this includes a phone holder the function of the app corresponds with the app text-to-speech. The app name is called Parakeet the inspiration came from an actual parakeet a bird that makes what you say and also become more knowledge of the language that is spoken around around it, the app will allow messages phone calls and etc to be read outloud or connected with voice recognition from the drive. The message will be audibly and automatically read out loud, For example, the driver can say “check messages from so and so” and if someone is in the car and the driver does not want that message to be read out loud they can say “check message don’t read out” loud andthe app will then say there is two messages but wont read out loud. Headphones can be included for this app. Parakeet can be wired for all languages, and heavy accents into the desired wording when the person is finished the driver can verbally say send in the text will send In the app when the driver is not driving, I will also include reminders of the dangers of distracted driving updates and notifications and even alerts but the goal is to constantly remind the driver that if they drive safely they save lives. The app will inspire and be a constant warning to take caution there might be a app similar but it is not pushed into teenage society this generation were young drivers are on the road this must be stressed to all communities. With the possibilities that technology has for us today this app can become a reality to those who want to make a difference.