Why Me?

Ana P

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It’s dark yet I see lights surrounding me. I can hear the sirens of an ambulance approaching. I don’t know where I am and I don’t know what I was doing. I hear people mumbling around me. My body is stiff and I can’t move. I try and I try and I’s useless. I don’t feel pain, but I am growing impatient. Then it hits me. I was on my way home from school. I was driving and crossing an intersection, but I don’t know what went wrong. I made my stop and looked both ways and I kept driving. I can’t open my eyes and I can feel people grabbing me. I am now out of my car and into a bed outside. I can hear them say I am not breathing. I don’t understand. I wasn’t distracted. I had my eyes on the road, but why am I the one unconscious. I can feel the other driver across the road looking at me, yet there is nothing wrong with that person. Not a scratch on them just their phone on their hand. Why me? I followed the rules. I wasn’t distracted. I was only going home.