The sad reality

Elizabeth P

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BOOM, ERRRK and AHHHH those are the usual sounds you will hear during a car crash. But the reason behind these incidents are all different. The most common collision starters are texting and driving, yes texting and driving its a real thing. Most people tend to see it on ad campaigns, commercials, or billboards. Along with the many other slogans like, ” click it or ticket”, ” you drink, you drive, you lose” and many more. But what people don’t realize is texting and driving tends to occur a lot especially in teenage drivers around the country. How can we lower those chances of our loved ones risking their lives for a text? Although the question may sound simple, sadly it isn’t. Many will say ” just stop texting”. Again not that simple, in my opinion the only way for us teenagers ( maybe adults) to not easily get distracted is by locking our phones into our glove department, or putting on the passenger side of the door, along with lowering your volume so the ringer doesn’t have you distracted. About two days ago their was a collision here in San Antonio right by Palo Alto college. A women was driving on the opposite side of the road due to texting and when she finally decided to look up on the street again BOOM she hit head on to another vehicle. The other driver died on sight and the women texting is in serious condition at the hospital. Texting and driving is a real dangerous thing it can cost you jail time, your own life, and the lives of others. So think twice before you hear your phone go off while driving, remember “Stop the texts to Stop the wrecks”.