Elvis L

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I never saw what color yours your eyes were. Or felt the skin on your precious little hands. Never shared a little giggle. Or held you in my arms. I never kissed your tiny nose. Or saw your amazing smile. Never held you close. I never got to see your face. Or heard you cry. Never got to see the man you would grow up to become. You are still my brother who I love. And will forever after. I hope you hear my words, My feelings, my pain And have them echo, throughout your soul Grieving the death of my brother, I never had the chance to meet, has been one of my greatest struggles Victims of someone who chose to drive distracted No distraction is worth a human life Pain is not supposed to be temporary But I have become bounded by it. Here’s my message to you all: You all have loved ones Who are important to you They are all counting on you to make The right decisions So remember the next time you decide to choose to drive distracted.. IT CAN WAIT.