The aftermath

Haley B

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You always think it will never be you. You pass collisions on the highway, take a glimpse, and never think about it again. You don’t think about the woman who was taken to the hospitable with a broken neck; you don’t remember the man who will never come home to his children. You never think it will be you. He sat up sharply, heaving breaths as he glanced at his surroundings. He couldn’t remember much, just that he was driving home from practice and he got a text from his girlfriend. He looked down to respond to her, not more than five seconds. He remembered a horn and a bright light, and then nothing. He stood up to get his bearings, wobbly on his legs. The whole area was lit up with ambulances and fire trucks. People were running right by him; not acknowledging the teenager standing in the middle of the wreckage of a car. He heard shouting voices calling paramedics over to help. They found a body in the car. He watched in mute horror as the body was pulled from the destroyed vehicle that looked awfully like his own. He stumbled towards the corpse being pulled from the wreckage. His breath caught in his throat, tears burning his eyes. He was staring at his broken body, so destroyed, he barely recognized himself. A scream bubbled from lips, full of pain and sorrow. He was supposed to be graduating next week, go to college in the fall. his legs crumbled beneath him; not able to hold his weight. He had no clue how long he sat there staring at the place where his body once sat, now moved and taken away by an ambulance. he shifted his head when he heard a commotion to his left. He stood, staring at his mother screaming trying to push past officers holding her back. She screeched, screaming that it was her son’s car that was in an accident, demanding to know where he was. She looked like a wreck, tears streaming down her face, hair disheveled. He began sobbing, calling for his mother crawling towards her, wanting nothing more than to hold her. He tried hugging her, but he went right through her. He stared wide-eyed at his mother, not able to touch her. He watched as she fell to her knees screaming as they informed her that her son, her baby, was found dead at the scene. The sound she made was almost inhuman, calling for her little boy back. Then he saw her, the girl that he had loved since the 8th grade, Ally, the girl he was responding to when he crashed. He watched as his mother ran over to her holding her as she collapsed. He wanted nothing more than to hold them both, tell them that it was okay. Tell them that it was only an accident, a slip on the ice. He knows though, that Ally will discover that he crashed responding to her text. He would never blame her, but he knows she would blame herself. He knows she will never forgive herself for the collision. He watched as his mother held Ally’s sobbing form, comforting her through her tears. He let out a small, tearful smile, they will be there for each other, protect each other. he sat next to them, unable to touch them. He let out a sob holding himself. Unable to be comforted by those whom he loved more than life itself. He never thought it could happen to him.